If you’re looking for a digital product to promote as an affiliate, ClickBank is one of the first places you should check out. The ClickBank marketplace is renowned as a place to find a wide array of digital products you can make affiliate commissions on.

Digital products tend to have extremely high commissions per sale.

Most ClickBank products pay 70%+ commission. So in that case, if you sell a $100 product, you earn $70. You might think that’s way too high to be real, but it is. They’re mainly able to do that because most of their products are digital, which means there are no “production” costs, “shipping” costs, or any other costs that are usually associated with physical products, hence the high commissions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing involves an affiliate earning money (commissions) promoting other people’s products. When a sale occurs due to their sales and marketing efforts., they get paid a commission just like a commission-only sales representative would.

The vendor (or publisher) has a product that they want to sell and they enlist an affiliate network like ClickBank to recruit affiliates who will promote their product for a commission on sales.

The affiliate network acts as the middleman in the transaction controlling the terms and rules regarding how affiliates are allowed to promote the product as well as paying out the commissions earned to affiliates when a sale occurs.

The affiliate network platform tracks all sales and commissions due. They provide each affiliate with a unique affiliate link which the affiliate uses to send their prospects (traffic) to the vendors sales page where they can make a purchase. Because the unique affiliate link was used to reach the sales page, the affiliate network knows which affiliate should get the commission.

The affiliate network handles the payment processing and delivery of the product to the customer.

Benefits to all parties in the affiliate marketing system

The benefits to the vendor is that he has an ‘army’ of affiliates promoting his product and driving sales. He only pays a commission when a sale is made and does not have to spend money on advertising the product.

The affiliate is able to sell a product that is ready to sell and simply earn a commission. The affiliate does not have to create the product nor does he have to provide after sales support for the product. The vendor has to handle that. The affiliate will have costs relating to advertising and driving traffic to the sales page. The affiliate also has to pre-sell the product to potential customers to increase the sales conversions on the vendor’s sales page so that he gets a commission. The affiliate has to ensure that he makes more in commissions than he spends on advertising costs to make a profit.

The affiliate network will receive a percentage of sales being processed through their platform which can be substantial considering that they may have thousands of products available on their platform and thousands of affiliates are driving sales to all these products..

Why Clickbank?

ClickBank is a hub for the world’s best marketers and most innovative product owners. The ClickBank Marketplace offers over 10,000 product choices in a wide variety of categories.

Nearly one hundred thousand affiliates power ClickBank’s vast marketplace to promote top-performing, compliant products and to get paid on time, every time.

Top entrepreneurs and online brands sell with ClickBank because they have a reputation for handling large volumes of sales and for attracting affiliates. Their affiliate platform is robust and handles secure payment processing and product delivery smoothly so that purchasers feel secure purchasing from them.

Affiliates like ClickBank as they have a massive range of products in all niches and they allow any affiliate to promote products without the tedious approval process other affiliate platforms put new affiliates through. Registration is free and you can register account and start promoting immediately. You can register your account here.

ClickBank offers real-time tracking reports. This means that if you make a sale, you can view the record of the sale immediately in your account.

What Is A Great Product To Promote

ClickBank’s huge selection can make it difficult to choose a product to promote. How can you tell if a product is going to sell? How about the competition? What does all that mean?

There is no foolproof way to find a profitable product. However, there are some things you can do that will increase your chances of success.

How do I choose a Clickbank product to promote?

  1. You need to brainstorm your niche. The first thing to do is to think about the market that you want to serve. You should choose a market that is related to your interests, hobbies, passions, and experiences. You’ll spend a lot of your time thinking about it.
  2. Understanding your customers is key. It’s important to understand (1) who and (2) what this niche is purchasing. You can easily gain insight into your market by visiting forums and Facebook groups related to your niche. This is a great way to find out what buyers want, need, and dislike.
  3. The best-selling products – ClickBank uses a measure known as a “gravity Score” to show how well each product is selling. It is based on the number of sales and the date. High gravity scores (i.e. A high gravity score (i.e. 100+) will usually indicate that there is lots of competition within this niche. This shouldn’t deter you. Because there is a lot of demand for niche products, competition is good.
  4. Look for products that pay between 50% and 60% commissions.
  5. Find markets with multiple related products – This allows you to expand your marketing and income potential to the customers who are already interested in this category by offering other related products. It is also a market you are familiar with and you understand your customer wants and needs already.
  6.  Make sure it has a great sales page. You will be relying upon this page to sell your product. You should also ensure that the vendor provides good support and promotional materials to drive sales, such as email swipes and keyword lists, banner ads, sales videos and email swipes.

Finally, my best recommendation for anyone wanting to make a success of promoting ClickBank products, is to attend the training here which I consider the back door entrance to becoming part of the 10% of elite affiliates that sell 90% of ClickBank products. This is worth checking out!